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About Shane Hunt

My name is Shane Hunt and I am a competitive powerlifter and strength coach. I have been competing in powerlifting for 9 years and working with strength athletes and general population clients for 4 years. I am passionate about strength training and specifically powerlifting but more than that the tangible manifestation of self-betterment, the puzzle of constantly searching for ways to improve, and the community that has been built around the sport is something that deserves to be passed on and shared with the masses. My goal is to channel what I have experienced in my own pursuits into a platform to educate and inspire others.



Shane Hunt is a very knowledgeable lifter and he knows that is important for someone to truly progress. His obsession and passion for training is unmatched and his main focus is always doing a good task at whatever is in front of him in the present moment.

-Dawson Windham

Shane Hunt is one of those coaches you want to work hard for. Either online or in person, Shane has all the qualities you look for in a great coach, consistent , disciplined motivating, and knowledgeable plus he’s has one of the best deadlifts in the game!
I totally recommend Shane for strength and powerlifting training at any age.
-Rodger Menezes, 59 y/o

For over two years now, Shane has pushed me to a personal strength level I didn’t know was possible. He has taken a thoughtful, informed, and specific approach to create workouts to help me reach my goals and blow far past them. Shane works on my long term strength goals by an intense focus on improving my form and increasing my power in each workout in a methodical and regimented manner.   I started out wanting  to improve my strength for distance running, and now, with Shane’s coaching, my endurance has improved, and I have learned how to execute the main compound lifts effectively to grow stronger than I ever expected to be at age 50. He is now convinced I could compete. Looking forward to seeing how that might play out

-Craig Filar


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